Air Collage Football now available in the App Store

Air Collage Football is my latest app. The app accesses public Instagram photos of professional football teams and displays them on your T.V. using Apple's Airplay technology. I'm a huge Colts fan and love using my App to display this week's match-up on my Apple TV during tailgate parties. 

Here's how it works:

1. You log in to Instagram and grant permission to the App to access basic information.
2. You select the teams you want to see.
3. Turn on Airplay Mirroring and select the Apple TV that's on the same WiFi network.
4. Tap Get Photos

*You must log in to this app using Instagram and provide the basic permission to access photos on your behalf.

Video Preview:

Galaxy Wars - Online Stratego: Now Available!


Galaxy Wars  was released in the Apple App Store today and it's just $1.99.

Galaxy Wars is a turn-based strategy game for the iPhone and iPad. It's based on the classic Stratego board game and uses Apple's Game Center for multiplayer match making and leader boards. There are some clever features that take this deep strategic game and turn it into something you can enjoy in short 10 to 20 second turns. It's a universal app and has full support for iOS 6 and launches with support for the new iPhone 5 display.


  • Price: $1.99
  • Strategic turn-based game play familiar to fans of the classic board game Stratego.
  • Instant replay shows you the last 5 moves at the start of each turn
  • Ship tagging: You can tag one enemy ship to help you remember where it is as you move to other matches
  • Universal app and fully compatible with retina displays and the new iPhone 5 display

Word Charades Version 4.0 Released Today!


Word Charades Version 4.0 has been released in he App Store today. This version is mainly about the design of the app, but there's a few new features and bug fixes as well. Thanks to the success of version 3.0 I was able to hire a professional designer to reskin the app with all new visuals. I've worked hard on this update and I think everyone's really going to love version 4.0.

I've add 400 cards to the app, bringing the total to well over 2000. I've also added the ability to edit the cards that you download using the downloads in-app purchase. This gives you full control over the cards that appear in your game.

Lastly, I've fixed a few minor bugs around the download cards feature that improves download speed.

The new icon appears in the beginning of this post, and here's some of the iPhone screenshots, enjoy!

User Submitted Cards Stats

I've had the new manage cards feature in Word Charades for about 2 months now and the number of user submitted cards that I've recieved has suprised me. There's been over 1700 cards submitted.

Here's the breakdown of how many of those I've approved and denied:

Count Status
895 Approved
851 Denied


Here are the most common cards submitted thus far.

Card Title Count
Sex 8
Apple 8
Dog 8
justin bieber 7
Harry Potter 6
Pizza 6
Iphone 5
Zombie 5
Television 4
iPad 4
Michael Jackson 4
Taboo 4
Music 4
Lady Gaga 4
Football 3
Ice Cream 3
Glee 3
Obama 3
Twitter 3
Boots 3
Bruce Willis 3
Clock 3
Movies 3
Cheese 3
Tree 3
LeBron James 3
Water 3
Computer 3
David Beckham 3
Bus 3
TV 3
Wedding 3
Slave 2
Closet 2
blanket 2
Kangaroo 2
Shoe Lace 2
Animals 2
Remote 2
Potato 2
marathon 2
Mom 2
Dad 2
Shampoo 2
Beyonce 2
Camera 2
Jeremy Lin 2
IPod 2
Tony 2
Titanic 2
Facebook 2
Dogs 2
Scooby Doo 2
Now 2
Sun 2
Afraid 2
Boomerang 2
Batman 2
Alyssa 2
Baseball 2
Green 2
Towel 2
Stadium 2
God 2
Keyboard 2
Disney World 2
Taylor Swift 2
King Kong 2
Monkey 2
Sushi 2
Shower 2
Jason 2
The Hunger Games 2
Shirt 2
Banana 2
Nightmare 2
Magician 2
Ash Ketchum 2
Rainbow 2
Mercury 2
Weed 2
Door 2
Laptop 2
Pikachu 2
Whale 2
Bruce Wayne 2
Mean 2
Barack Obama 2
Mickey Mouse 2
Car 2
Jack Sparrow 2
Phone 2
Thong 2
Love 2
Body Parts 2
Firework 2
Lamp 2
Sandwich 2
Giraffe 2
Monopoly 2
Islam 2
Miley Cyrus 2
Jessica 2
Hair 2
Eggs 2
Tiger 2
Panda 2
Condom 2
Basketball 2
Bottom 2
bed 2
Nike 2
Chemistry 2
Teacher 2
Cello 2
King 2
Bird 2
Hamster 2
Kardashians 2
Watch 2
Chair 2
Glasses 2
Contact 2
Houses 2
Sniper 2
Slippers 2
Bald 2
Cat 2
Stupid 2
Fart 2
Pillow 2
Dance 2
Fight Club 2
Aladdin 2
Soccer 2
Junior 2
Table 2
Lol 2
Fan 2
Diary 2
Christmas 2
Candle 2
Star 2
Sports 2
DS 2
Duck 2
Tv Shows 2
Turd 2

Word Charades 3.0 Released - Now a Universal App!

Word Charades version 3.0 has been released in the Apple appstore today. I've made it a universal app (works on iPhone and iPad) and it's already upgraded with 2x resolution graphics to take full advantage of the retina display on the new iPad. I also made some layout changes in the iPad version to take advantage of the extra screen space. I leveraged several new technologies only available on iOS 5.0, so you must have at least iOS version 5.0 installed on your device. It's availble in the app store now for $0.99.


Word Charades - BlueTooth Remote Buzzer Feature Added

I've released version 2.1 of Word Charades. New in this version is a remote buzzer feature that lets  you connect multiple iDevices using one as the game host and a 2nd device as the remote buzzer. Remotes aren't limited either, you can connect as many as you want to use as remote buzzers. Now everyone on the other team can participate while your team takes their turn. This really adds to the game play experience and makes it a lot more fun for other players with iOS devices.

The remote supports several gestures that you can use to view cards after they are guessed in the round. Check out the swipe gesture to view other cards, and the double tap guesture, which returns you to the card that's currently being guessed.

Word Charades 2.0 now live!

I've released a new and vastly improved version of my first App, Word Charades. The update includes a complete visual overhaul and retina display support. Also packed into the update is an entire new module for obtaining new game cards. The original App had a 5 star rating and the only negative feedback centered around the number of game cards. The new module gives the user the ability create their own game cards which are immediately added to your own game and simultaneously uploaded to my server. The new cards module also lets the user download all user uploaded game cards (that I've reviewed and approved of course) for a 1-time in-app purchase. Lastly, you can purchase a premium set of 500 game cards created by me specifically for this version using Apple's In-App purchase system. These new options will greatly extend the life of your game and if users like creating cards as much as I do it will lead to an endless supply of quality cards.The app is available now, for free, on the app store.