Word Charades 2.0 now live!

I've released a new and vastly improved version of my first App, Word Charades. The update includes a complete visual overhaul and retina display support. Also packed into the update is an entire new module for obtaining new game cards. The original App had a 5 star rating and the only negative feedback centered around the number of game cards. The new module gives the user the ability create their own game cards which are immediately added to your own game and simultaneously uploaded to my server. The new cards module also lets the user download all user uploaded game cards (that I've reviewed and approved of course) for a 1-time in-app purchase. Lastly, you can purchase a premium set of 500 game cards created by me specifically for this version using Apple's In-App purchase system. These new options will greatly extend the life of your game and if users like creating cards as much as I do it will lead to an endless supply of quality cards.The app is available now, for free, on the app store.