Word Charades Version 4.0 Released Today!


Word Charades Version 4.0 has been released in he App Store today. This version is mainly about the design of the app, but there's a few new features and bug fixes as well. Thanks to the success of version 3.0 I was able to hire a professional designer to reskin the app with all new visuals. I've worked hard on this update and I think everyone's really going to love version 4.0.

I've add 400 cards to the app, bringing the total to well over 2000. I've also added the ability to edit the cards that you download using the downloads in-app purchase. This gives you full control over the cards that appear in your game.

Lastly, I've fixed a few minor bugs around the download cards feature that improves download speed.

The new icon appears in the beginning of this post, and here's some of the iPhone screenshots, enjoy!