Galaxy Wars - Online Stratego: Now Available!


Galaxy Wars  was released in the Apple App Store today and it's just $1.99.

Galaxy Wars is a turn-based strategy game for the iPhone and iPad. It's based on the classic Stratego board game and uses Apple's Game Center for multiplayer match making and leader boards. There are some clever features that take this deep strategic game and turn it into something you can enjoy in short 10 to 20 second turns. It's a universal app and has full support for iOS 6 and launches with support for the new iPhone 5 display.


  • Price: $1.99
  • Strategic turn-based game play familiar to fans of the classic board game Stratego.
  • Instant replay shows you the last 5 moves at the start of each turn
  • Ship tagging: You can tag one enemy ship to help you remember where it is as you move to other matches
  • Universal app and fully compatible with retina displays and the new iPhone 5 display