Smart Collage


Smart Collage is a dynamic photo screen saver app for iOS. You tell the app which of your Facebook friends you want to see and it builds a scrolling smart collage. If you've seen Apple TV's built-in screen saver feature you know how engaging it can be to see your photos scrolling on your TV.

he problem with Apple TV's built in screen saver is that it shows only your photos. How much better would it be if you could tell it who is at your party and have it show photos of them instead.


  • Airplay Mirroring Second Display technology that lets you use your flat screen TV as a 2nd display for the app. With Airplay Mirroring enabled you can utilize the full 1080p resolution of your TV to enjoy your photos.
  • Photos are streamed and animated on your connected Airplay display using a visually appealing vertical scrolling technique that keeps new photos coming continuously.
  • Seamless Facebook integration that allows you to quickly and security log in to Facebook using the built-in integration between Facebook and iOS.
  • This app respects your privacy, and will request access to your friend list, your public photos, and photos that have been shared with, and nothing else.
  • Supports separate audio and video airplay streams allowing you to play music from another app like Pandora or the built-in music app and stream that sound through your home theater system while your photos appear on screen.
  • Simple to use guided wizard walks you through all the steps to get your friends' Facebook photos displaying on your TV.

ow does it work?

  1. First you'll want to make sure you have an Apple TV and make sure that it's on the same WiFi network as your iPad or iPhone.
  2. Second you'll want to enable Airplay Mirroring from your iOS iPad or iPhone.
  3. Then launch the app. You'll have to log in to the app using Facebook.
  4. On your first log in the app will ask permission to access your friend list, your photos, and photos shared with you.
  5. Once you're logged in you will select several of your Facebook friends. Some people share more photos than others, while a few people have decided to block 3rd party apps from accessing any photos but their profile image, so you may see more or less photos than you are expecting.
  6. After selecting the friends you want to see, the app downloads a list of their public photos that have been shared with you.
  7. Finally, the app will randomly select one photo every few seconds form that list and display at on your Airplay connected display. It animates the photo from the bottom of the TV similar to the built-in Apple TV screensaver.
Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 1.23.48 AM.png
Facebook photos displaying on a connected Airplay display.

Facebook photos displaying on a connected Airplay display.


  1. Q: I selected my friend John Smith but I don't see nearly all of his photos? A: Facebook only gives developers access to photos that user has uploaded and shared with you. You see a lot of photos that other users have uploaded when looking at your friend's photos, but since your friend wasn't the one that uploaded them, the app doesn't have access to download them.
  2. : How do I get my own photos included in the stream? A: This happens automatically. The user that is logged into Facebook has all their photos included in the stream.
  3. Q: I have an iPhone 4, why can't I enable Airplay Mirroring? A: iPhone 4 does not support Airplay Mirroring.
  4. Q: Why do I have to log in to Facebook? A: Because Facebook is where your friends photos are, and Facebook was the only social network with an API suitable for downloading photos and sharing them 3rd party apps.
  5. Q: I turned on airplay but my TV is blank what am I doing wrong?. A: Be sure you turn on mirroring as well after you turn on Airplay.

Privacy Policy:

Smart College does not collect, share, or store any personal information about you, or your friends, or any activity on Facebook. Facebook is used as the method for selecting who's photos you want to see, and for accessing those photos.